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We are looking for people eager to learn new things who are passionate about what they do.

Vacuumlabs is a No Spaghetti Society

The World is full of spaghetti code. Clean and simple code, easier to maintain and with less bugs, doesn’t only spark joy to the engineers. It also makes the digital world run better. Join us on our mission to make the world’s software spaghetti-free.

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An initiative for better engineering

Life at Vacuumlabs

We try to create the best possible environment for all of us to grow. It’s not only about material benefits but also about the way we challenge ourselves to step out of our comfort zone. And finally, we’re always there to support each other.

About us

Our values

Integrity over profit

We always honour the spirit of the relationship and try to do the right thing, even if it hurts a little in the process.

We care for each other

We want to spend our lives with people we like and trust. We support each other in our growth, joy and difficult moments alike.

Greatness is worth sacrifices

There's no growth without pain. We work hard and we're proud of it. We all have felt embarrassment, stress, sadness, and anger, yet we always overcome it together.

Taking risks and accepting responsibilities

We value our freedom more than money. We're hungry for responsibility and proudly accept consequences, both good and bad.

Choosing battles wisely

We focus on one problem at a time and try to solve it quickly so that we all can benefit from the solution as soon as possible.

Arguments matter more than ranks

We make our decisions mindful, based on arguments, facts and a pinch of common sense. Our ranks don't matter in a discussion, only arguments do.

Full transparency

Every great relationship is built on trust and we believe that transparency is the easiest way to do it. That’s why we've got transparent salaries and try to share as much information as possible inside our community.

Common success trumps absolute fairness

Our common good always trumps fairness. However, a reasonable level of fairness is important for the good of us all. We like to grow the cake, rather than focus on splitting it in a perfectly fair way.

Powering the developer community

From Europewide ReactiveMeetups up to the pinnacle of our community engagement—ReactiveConf—we care deeply about the developers worldwide. We're on a mission to connect the community and help her thrive in every corner of the world.

A few perks we call benefits

Sharing the company

We believe everyone wants to spend their productive years working on something that’s theirs, too. That’s why you earn shares of the company after the first year. Seniors earn shares from day one.

Transparent salaries & quarterly reevaluation

We base salary on experience and talent. Everyone sees the salaries of other colleagues. Even the executive management compensation is public.

Self-education package

You have 15 paid days a year to learn new things or attend a conference or a course.

Careers at Vacuumlabs