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Are you eager to learn new things? Are you passionate about what you do? Are you ready to push hard? Well, we're hiring.

We're growing and looking for new colleagues

Solving hard technological challenges with a simple code—that's what makes us tick. We're all in helping with public affairs, but we don't accept government contracts. We work hard to bring the technology of the 21st century to the banking industry. Cryptocurrencies are the future, that's why we've created the safest crypto wallet for world's 7th biggest cryptocurrency ever—Cardano.

Tech stack isn't everything

It doesn't matter that you haven't worked with our tech stack before. We're looking for people eager to learn new things. What's important is your talent, sense of responsibility, and your general knowledge with programming.

Besides creating a simple code, you might find yourself to:

  • design solution architecture,
  • mentor and lead less experienced colleagues,
  • improve the development process,
  • learn new technologies and share your insights with the team,
  • (only if you would want to) talk at meetups and conferences all over the world.

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# A simple code


We expect you to spend more time using your brains than using your fingers. Lines of code don't matter, only results do. The best unit test? The one you didn't need to write. To be effective, we carefully choose our tools.


On the backend, we use Clojure, Python, or JavaScript, and on the frontend, we use React. For mobiles and desktops, it's React Native and Electron. We're conservative with databases and we lean towards ACID transactional databases such as PostgreSQL, or the immutable Datomic. However, when you need a really high write performance, hardly anything beats a well-tuned DynamoDB.


What do we offer?

We're serious about side projects

A good example is ReactiveConf, our side project which has grown into one of the top 5 tech conferences in the world in its own field. The synonym of ReactiveConf is the diversity of thought, and its essence is the worldwide developer community. We're giving back to that community through ReactiveConf. You can read more about the conference here.

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If you're eager to learn new things, passionate about what you do, then make sure you drop us a line. We're hiring, you know.