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product stage

Our teams of engineers, product leads, researchers, designers, and business analysts can help you build from the ground up or refine your product.


Mitigate business risks by validating your idea and defining the best strategy for your product. 

User Research

Market Research

Product Strategy

Tech Exploration

Build & Launch

Build an MVP with modern technologies and the best customer experience.



UX/UI Design

Solution Architecture


Refine your product or introduce a new one through our iterative design and development process.

UX/UI Audit

Tech Assessment



What we can help you with


Product Strategy
Business Analysis
Market Research
Product Discovery
Product Delivery Support
Product Ownership


User Research
Rapid Prototyping
Service Design
UX/UI Design
Design System
UX Writing


Solution Architecture
Health Check
3rd party Advisory

Data Science

Data Analytics
Process automation
Credit Assessment
Conversion Rate Optimization
Risk Evaluation
Data Consulting

Our Tech Stack

Leading the way in blockchain

Vacuumlabs has been exploring blockchain technologies since the early days, with a focus on the technology that makes it secure and fast.

Not sure where to start?

Explore short-term solutions for your specific challenges, whether you are just starting out or enhancing your product.


Product exploration to delivery readiness

Did you know 70% of new products fail?

There are ways to mitigate your risk, reduce costs and be first to market. We can help you understand customer needs, market challenges, build a working prototype, and much more in 4-12 weeks.

Health Check

Evaluate your product, design or technology

Is your tech and product future proof?

Our experts can evaluate your existing product and delivery processes in 4-6 weeks. We’ll provide concrete steps that will get you ready to scale and leveraging the best possible design and user experience.

Examples of our expertise

We build neobanks and financial services from scratch

We build or improve your infrastructure for digital products

We discover and design innovative digital products

We explore the possibilities of AI and Machine Learning

From concept to reality


Empowering Blockchain with API3: A Case Study on Decentralized API Solutions

Digital bank

Galgal: End-to-end development for a friendly budgeting and banking app in India

Digital bank

MOX: Building a neobank in Asia with all-in-one numberless bank cards

Digital bank

Smartie: Discovering unique solutions for a kid-friendly banking app

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