How a two-engineer engagement led to a long-term relationship and more efficient customer registration

Twisto is delivering a simple and fair daily financing solution to retail customers in the CEE region. The application allows one-click online purchases with the option to postpone the settlement. The application is not connected to any bank account, which makes the process more safe. Its cutting-edge risk engine Nikita is leveraging non-traditional data sources and machine learning for credit assessment, analyzing over 400 data points per transaction in milliseconds. Twisto is currently active in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Romania. It has 1 million users of the app and it has partnered with over 2000 e-shops in the Czech Republic and Poland. 

12 devs

involved in the project

3 countries

Czechia, Poland and Romania

2 months

To launch a major new feature


Codebase and Django stack

Needs and challengers

The Twisto app has been a leading element of the Czech fintech startup scene over the past 6 years. To maintain its leadership as a payments innovator, Twisto engaged Vacuumlabs to support the development of essential customer experiences.

  • Automatic data processing and collections processes
  • Greater flexibility of payments and repayments
  • An even speedier payment experience at e-shops

People at Vacuumlabs are incredibly smart, intelligent, and also have very senior experience. They know what they’re doing and can add value within a couple of days or weeks. For us, they are a guarantee of quality and an immediate boost to our development capacity.


Our approach

Our partnership with Twisto began with two Vacuumlabs engineers working on a shortlist of features. Over time, we increased the scope of our support, and at the peak of collaboration, our 12-person engineering team was working within the teams of Twisto. Our help resulted in a rapid growth in customer registration efficiency. Throughout our partnership, we have helped Twisto automate essential journeys and integrate a range of tools and payment options. These include:

Automated the processing of client datato improve registration speed for customers and make life easier for back office staff.

Installment plans provide more flexibility
by allowing customers to spread payment between 3 to 12 months.

Only two months to launch installments
which was a record time to launch a new feature

Hyper-targeted promotions
to drive customer loyalty by messaging the right customers with the right message at the perfect time with Exponea

Streamlined payment collection for back office
by integrating new CRM to track and chase customers who have missed payment.

Integrated Apple Pay
functionality, giving customers a more choice in how they pay.

We continue to support the Twisto team

We continue to partner with Twisto, supporting them with additional integrations of third-parties systems and helping to enhance the functionality of the returns process. Our journey with Twisto has demonstrated our ability to work quickly and efficiently and navigate Twisto through the exciting world of next-generation payments.

Twisto is a business with the potential for exponential growth. Their own development team extends so it’s extraordinary they kept us as a third party vendor. We have formed the team responsible for the profitable features of the Twisto and have gained the trust for development and deployment without additional review. I appreciate the open communication and reception of any kind of feedback, thanks to which we were able to participate in the product and the creation process of Twisto.


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