A foundation of

excellent engineering

Develop from scratch

We built the Cledara app in 7 weeks, leading to a long lasting partnership.

Cledara launched their award-winning app in 7 weeks, allowing them to quickly gain customers and focus on further business development.
Our collaboration continues today and we’re excited to see what the future has in store.




Design spirit

Boost and scale

Supporting a rapidly growing client in meeting their new demands and scaling in real time.

We analyzed Twisto’s existing features and built a unique team to boost and scale their business. With our engineers fully integrated in Twisto’s teams, they’re launching in new markets and developing new products.



UX design

UI design


Build solid infrastructure

Our engineers set up a perfectly functional environment for a smooth running card processor.

Thredd needed to build and test a new payment card management service. We built a fully working prototype, including the whole infrastructure process, that could be tested immediately and built on in the future.


AWS cloud

People at Vacuumlabs are incredibly smart, intelligent, and also have very senior experience. They know what they’re doing and can add value within a couple of days or weeks. For us, they are a guarantee of quality and an immediate boost to our development capacity.

Michal Šmída

CEO Twisto

The way

we work

The right tools for any challenge

We use a variety of design tools and select tech stacks based on our experience with a multitude of programming languages.

Teams assembled just for you

Whether you need a full team with particular skills or a team to augment your own capabilities – we can provide the right people.

Code with a better future in mind

Our aim is to create products that measurably improve end-users lives and enrich the fintech industry as a whole.


Build the trust of your customers by making sure your product meets the latest security standards and beyond.

Smooth performance

We don't want anyone to wait. That requires smart architecture, excellent code, and optimized deployment.

Focus on quality

From small tweaks to implementing unique features, we keep the focus on writing quality code for quality products each step of the way.

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Marcel Klimo

Solution Architect

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