NuFi: A one-stop-shop to simplify crypto’s complex cross-chain world

A single Web3 wallet for Cardano, Ethereum, Flow, Milkomeda C1, Polygon and Solana

With Vacuumlabs’ in-house team and resources, NuFi built a non-custodial crypto wallet with the tools to securely manage, buy, sell, swap and stake cryptocurrencies on different blockchains together. Lightweight, private, and Web3 dApp-compatible, NuFi eliminates the need for multiple wallets and simplifies the complex world of cross-chain crypto.

Key features


Send, Receive and Stake

Multi-chain NFT gallery

Connect to Dapps

Buy and Trade 400+ assets

Hardware wallet support

Leading the way in Cardano

Since 2018, Vacuumlabs has been interested in Cardano—an open-source, decentralized cryptocurrency. The company built AdaLite: Cardano’s first lightweight, highly secure, browser-based wallet that – unlike existing solutions – did not require users to download the blockchain’s history each time. As the first of its kind, and as the first Cardano wallet to support Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets, AdaLite gained a lot of attention in the Cardano community. As the world of cryptocurrencies advanced, it became evident that a more sophisticated, flexible product was needed that would help the team expand into other blockchains. 

So, the former AdaLite team, led by Michal Petro from Vacuumlabs, decided to kickstart a new product—NuFi, a wallet for users to safely manage assets on multiple blockchains. As a non-custodial wallet, users have sole control of their private keys. “Our mission is to provide regular people access to the financial services that the world of crypto offers,” says Lubos Svolik, Project Manager at NuFi. He adds: ”people choose non-custodial wallets over centralized exchanges to take control of their private keys, enhance security, prioritize privacy, have greater asset control, and avoid potential exchange risks.”

Get to know our blockchain offering

Vacuumlabs has been exploring blockchain technologies since the early days, with a focus on the technology that makes it secure and fast.

Forming a team in-house

Vacuumlabs started developing NuFi wallet internally, entrusting its in-house talent with everything from product discovery to launch. “Vacuumlabs was a critical partner for us, giving us stable resources, technical tools, communication channels, and offices,” recalls Svolik.

It took NuFi nine months to bring the project from ideation to launch with an iterative approach. The team developed the architecture, tested the prototype, and improved the system based on results. After creating the design and branding of NuFi, its first beta version was ready for users in December 2021.

In contrast to most startups that struggle with operations, all we had to do was focus on the product and Vacuumlabs supported us in everything else.

Lubos Svolik

Project Manager at NuFi

Bringing all services into one

The result was a wallet that enables users to manage, buy, sell, swap and stake (lock assets in exchange for interest) cryptocurrencies. Its browser extension wallet is the only one of its kind that allows users to access multiple decentralized applications (dApps) across multiple blockchains simultaneously. For the user, this means no longer having to choose which chain to use at any one time; NuFi lets users connect to dApps on all chains at once and switch between them seamlessly. NuFi also lets users connect to an in-wallet decentralized exchange to swap tokens, and manage non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on different chains together in a multi-chain NFT gallery. “We have become a one-stop-shop where users no longer have to bother with a bunch of wallets that all work differently,” says Rafael Korbas, Chief Technical Officer at NuFi. “With NuFi, users get a complete solution with myriad services that work out of the box.”

In the first few months after its launch, NuFi already gained a growing, loyal user base. “We already have several thousand users, which is what we were hoping for,” says Svolik. “We are trying to obtain feedback from our customers so that we can continue improving our product, and the initial response is overwhelmingly positive.”

Preparing for scale

NuFi is now working on adding new blockchains such as Near, Algorand, Cosmos, and popular EVM chains in general to the wallet. If more users move from AdaLite to NuFi, the team will also consider discontinuing AdaLite in the future. “Moving forward, we want to keep the solution as simple as possible for our customers,” says Svolik.

Our aim is to make sure users don’t need a batch of wallets that all work a bit differently. They can just use NuFi and have something that works out of the box and with multiple currencies.

Rafael Korbas

CTO at NuFi





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