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The Vacuumlabs way

We create delightful and innovative digital products to help empower the people.

Pioneering forward

We started as a technology lab and evolved into a full-stack product design and development partner. We worked hard to grow organically and not rely on outside investors so that we can do what we love the way we want to. Vacuumlabs was founded in 2011 and merged with design and branding studio Hellephant in 2018.

220+ team size

50+ clients across the world

7 offices

We are product builders

We have always been building digital products that challenge their industry or create new ones. With a strong focus on fintech and crypto, we combine our experience and talent to help you build products that are ready to leave their mark in the world of financial transactions.

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We are natively remote

We believe that talent in big cities is close to being depleted. We are remote by definition. All processes between the client and us are designed directly on remote collaboration. We use all possible means for communication, project management, and delivery to run smoothly and efficiently.

Empowering the community

Our people had the great idea to bring the brightest software engineers and tech leaders from around the world to Central Europe. Now in it’s 5th year, with a mission to showcase what’s next in the world of software development, the conference has evolved and grown to become one of the biggest tech conferences in Europe

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Sparring with entrepreneurs

Vacuumlabs dreams big, and so we created Sparring—our legal & strategy project supporting tech visionaries from Slovakia in their global conquest. Legal stuff has never been more natural, friendlier and more accessible for the beginning entrepreneurs. With some of the brightest legal minds in the region, we have forged an industry-specific service that becomes a powerful ally to the innovation ecosystem in the region. Are you struggling with legal?

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Selected clients

We are always looking for software engineers. Explore careers options at Vacuumlabs.