Boosting The Flight Ticket Booking Process for Kiwi is an online search engine allowing users to combine transportation options from non-cooperating carriers. It is powered by its proprietary algorithm (Virtual Interlining) that allows users to combine flights and ground transportation from over 750 carriers.


Kiwi was ranked in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA list with 7th place in 2017 and 5th place in 2018.


people who used the Kiwi website primarily since our collaboration


faster flight ticket online booking process


> 2MB

cutting the 5 MB mobile load down to less than 2 MB

Four Years Guide By Kiwi`s Side

It all started in 2016. Kiwi looked for a partner to provide a highly-skilled, flexible development team required to collaborate on its quickly rising online portal with an expanding portfolio.

Those four years we guided the development on both ends. Starting with a small efficient team boosting the search tools, the cooperation continuously grew into the development partnership. Nowadays we have teams across four of our locations working on the project. We are continually enhancing the frontend, flight aggregator, flight search algorithms, scalability, and performance to support Kiwi’s multi-thousand-percent growth.’s Search engine is one of the top customer-facing products on the market using cutting-edge technologies. Vacuumlabs was a logical choice for us to improve user-experience with superb technology in the background. The relationship is very strong and the guys are acting not just like a Vendor or a Partner. Considering the fact our cooperation began 4 years ago, they are acting more like colleagues or even as friends. It’s not just about cooperation on development, but they are always happy to discuss and improve even delivery processes.


Behind the curtain

Frontend and Fast Forward
  • An extended team from one member to a dozen Developers, UX Designer, Tester
  • 2 full redesigns
  • 100s of releases and product iterations
  • 10s of features delivered
  • Continuous UI/UX improvements
  • Code improvement to be performant on slower devices and networks
Backend Power and Tools 
  • User’s booking information management
  • GDPR accessibility system implementation
  • Booking, changing, canceling and alternative trip offer automatization
  • Special request automatization
  • Virtual payment cards, refunds, and other fintech optimization

User experience improvement
Re-designing the frontend

Web search Improvement
From 4 seconds of loading time to 1,7 seconds

Product page development
In just 2 weeks for a commercial with a budget of 1M EUR

Automatically processing
cca. 20000 of the disruptions per day which save 1800MD of manual work of CS agent

Full GDPRAccessibility automatization

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