Delivery Philosophy

Principles Vacuumlabs uses for designing an architecture sitting on Thought Machine

We help our clients deploy the bank based on Thought Machine’s Vault Core banking technology. We have developed a set of methodologies that allow us to deliver the whole package at speedy, fulfilling the client’s needs.

Our solution is based on microservices.
  • We have developed a set of best practices on how to build microservices.
  • Our native language is Kotlin with Spring Framework, but we work with others too.
  • We use both synchronous and asynchronous APIs.
    • The synchronous is based on REST and documented using OpenAPI.
    • The asynchronous is built on top of Kafka and we use Protocol Buffers for serialization.
  • Each microservice has a clear bounding context.

Our architecture is product-centric
  • Each product is implemented using microservice, workflow, and TM Vault Smart Contract
  • Microservices are responsible for the product API and overall encapsulation
  • Business processes are modelled using workflow.
  • Financial logic is implemented in Thought Machine smart contracts
  • Third party integrations are handled by dedicated microservices

We are


  • Changes are delivered continuously and fast.
  • To ensure quality, we use an automatic testing hierarchy. This allows us to write the tests effectively and catch all the bugs before going to production
  • Each change is reviewed.
  • There is no need for long outages when deploying a new product version.
  • We have a methodology in place to ensure continuous backward compatibility
  • We have a methodology in place to ensure continuous backward compatibility.
  • We work in squads.
  • In each squad, we have both product and engineering people.
  • Each squad is completely responsible for its domain.
  • We work in sprints

We are cloud-native 
  • Our solution is scalable.
  • The microservices are containerized and orchestrated by Kubernetes.
  • We use industry-standard security.
    • We support various authentication and authorization mechanisms.
    • We use mTLS to secure communication between microservices.
    • There are clear policies that can perform particular operations.

Our solution is open
  • All data is streamed out using Kafka messages.
  • We stream out both the events and all the entity changes.

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