Discovering unique solutions for a kid-friendly banking app

Gamifying financial literacy makes for a one-of-a-kind banking app Vacuumlabs joins forces with to set children up for financial success When wanted to teach children financial literacy, it turned to Vacuumlabs to lead the project from ideation to development. Through workshops, testing, and multiple iterations, the Smartie app was born, which uses gamification […]

End-to-end development for a friendly budgeting and banking app in India

Helping youths in India squeeze more out of their money Galgal builds a user-friendly banking app with Vacuumlabs in just eight months Does it feel challenging to manage your money efficiently? Galgal is a fintech startup based in Mumbai, India, that focuses on bringing efficient banking solutions to youths. The Galgal app was developed to […]

Building a neobank in Asia with all-in-one numberless bank cards

Let’s talk fintech Banking on Air is a leading financial technology podcast, welcoming innovators from across the globe to join in lively and productive discussions.   With more than 30 podcasts to boot, the platform looks under the hood at the changing face of technology, digital banking, payments and more. Our special guest Deniz Güven CEO, […]

Bringing to life the first digital US bank for the LGBT+ community

Building personalized banking for the LGBTQ+ community Daylight, the first LGBTQ+ challenger bank in the US, brought to life with Vacuumlabs Daylight is the first US neobank to identify and meet the unique financial needs of the queer community. Filling a gap in the market for the underbanked LGBTQ+ community, the digital banking platform helps […]

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