NuFi: A one-stop-shop to simplify crypto’s complex cross-chain world

Home Case Studies Nufi Blockchain Blockchain NuFi: A one-stop-shop to simplify crypto’s complex cross-chain world A single Web3 wallet for Cardano, Ethereum, Flow, Milkomeda C1, Polygon and Solana With Vacuumlabs’ in-house team and resources, NuFi built a non-custodial crypto wallet with the tools to securely manage, buy, sell, swap and stake cryptocurrencies on different blockchains […]

AdaLite: Developing a lightweight-browser wallet for Cardano investors

Home Case Studies AdaLite Blockchain Blockchain A lightweight in-browser wallet for Cardano investors In 2018, we at Vacuumlabs, as big fans and holders of Cardano cryptocurrency, have decided to help the Cardano ecosystem by developing a light, secure multi-platform wallet that users can access easily with a web-browser without the need to download anything. What […]

Yoroi: Creating a simple and secure crypto wallet with 170k+ downloads

Home Case Studies Yoroi Blockchain Blockchain From passion project to secure crypto wallet with 170K+ downloads Internal passion project that led to partnership between EMURGO and Vacuumlabs Global emerging technologies company EMURGO provides custom-built solutions to solve some of the most complex problems of the most complex organizations. It’s a founding entity of the Cardano […]

First Crypto ETF: Developing an exchange-traded fund that allows multiple coins in one transaction

Home Case Studies Enabling multi-coin purchases in a single transaction Blockchain Blockchain Enabling multi-coin purchases in a single transaction First Crypto ETF is an exchange-traded fund with the ability to purchase multiple types of coins in a single transaction. We collaborated on creating an exchange-traded fund (ETF) containing a portfolio of several cryptocurrencies. Shares of […]

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