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Six tips to actually enjoy frequent travel

These tips have been gathered the painful way from more than 300 flights and more than 500 000 miles in the air. Hope it saves you some of the agonies I went through when learning these lessons the hard way.

Three pillars for better design feedback

There is a tool that designers often overlook—feedback. We should work on mastering our ability to discuss our work as hard as we master any other tool which helps us design better.

How does design drive new business?

A design team can quickly refine products through iteration, trial, and error. Nowadays, companies face innovation challenges that require this process.

A quick chat with Jan Losert about selling UI kits

Jan was the main speaker at our Design Meetup 3 in Košice so I sat with him for a quick chat about his work and set up the mood for his talk about How to succeed as an individual designer selling UI kits.

About Vacuumlabs

Vacuumlabs provides teams of flexible software engineers and designers with years of experience building fintech, online marketplaces, and digital products.

Every step of the way, Vacuumlabs experts collaborate with clients, so that they can move fast, learn and iterate as they build world-class products together.

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