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7 Strengths of React Every Programmer Should Know About

In the past 6 years we have seen a huge rise of JavaScript on the web. JavaScript became a prominent server-side language, offline-first SPAs became a term, and JavaScript became a popular compile target for other languages. JavaScript is finally conquering desktop and mobile platforms through hybrid apps and technologies like Electron or React Native….


Reactive meetup goes 300% with Daniel Steigerwald

Daniel agreed to be our speaker for this year’s second ReactiveBratislava Meetup. His “1 hour long” presentation about “Bringing React app to life” kept 100+ people engaged for more than 3 hours! How did that happen?! Daniel is a well known person in the ReactJS community, however he is far more than just another tech…

TOP 10 things to do when moving your office

Having a company that grows is amazing, as is hiring new teammates. You’re getting more done and it feels great. Until there is no place left for the new guy. Sooner or later your growing company will have to change its office. Relocation can be a nightmare, but these 10 tips should pull you through…