5 great educational sources for software engineers

A handful of resources that will help you improve your software engineering skills.

There is no doubt that whether you are a beginner, advanced or expert software engineer, there is still something to improve. It doesn’t matter if you are learning new technology, language or theory, education is extremely important. Therefore, we have picked 5 great sites that will boost your development and help you create better code.

1. Massive open online courses

MOOC websites are a perfect choice for self-paced learning. These are the best three that we have chosen:


Codecademy is a popular innovative website with various online courses in computer science. You can pick from subjects such as Web Development, Programming, Data Science, Design or Game development, or you can learn languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, R, C++, C# and many more. Codecademy offers two paths – you can start learning for free or you can pay a monthly fee to gain access to a more advanced approach with some premium courses.


This service, like Coursera or Udemy, offers a wide range of Computer Science courses. All courses are certified and created by various organizations and universities. They offered by the world’s leading institutions such as MIT, Harvard, and many others. However, some courses are not free. A tuition fee will get you a course with assignments, exams, mentoring and a certificate.

MIT OpenCourseWare

The famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology provides free access to its database of teaching materials. Hence, anyone in the world can study with the same materials as students of this top-class university. Taking into account the reputation of the university, this website is a gold mine of knowledge for software developers.

2. GitHub

If you are not new to programming you may already know GitHub. The website is an excellent resource for software engineers who want to improve their own code from other open-source projects. A small monthly fee unlocks pro features and advanced insights. For those wanting to learn JavaScript, we have our favourite one here.

3. MDN web docs

MDN web docs is a popular source for web development. MDN’s goal is to provide information to help build projects on the open Web. The platform includes learning materials for technologies and software such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Open Web app development or Firefox add-on development. Besides, it contains documentation for Mozilla products. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or expert, everyone will find useful information here.

tech education

4. Google TechDev Guide

Google offers free education courses in many fields. Anyone can learn how to code an Android app, for example. For software engineers, Google has created TechDev Guide. Similarly, TechDev Guide is tailored for beginners as well as experienced programmers. There are paths that you can choose to supply your education or direct own learning.

5. No Spaghetti Manifesto

We want to fight the spaghetti code as much as we can. So we created the No Spaghetti Manifesto, a document with tips on how to avoid creating spaghetti code. Feel free to order the paper version (poster) or download the PDF on our website.


At Vacuumlabs, we know education and improvement are extremely important for both career and personal development. We want our software engineers to grow together with us. Therefore, we offer 15 paid days a year to boost your self-development. You can use this benefit to improve your knowledge and help us eradicate the spaghetti code. Join our ranks as a Software Engineer.


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