Software Engineer

Join a band of people, who enjoy programming. And not only that!

Who are we looking for?

Skilled programmers.

You don’t have a university degree? No problem! We are more interested in your responsible attitude, talent and programming experience.

It does not matter, what particular technology you used before. Do you have analytical approach and enthusiasm? Great. Do you love new technologies, challenges and strive for excellence? Awesome. Are you able to think out of the box? You are our man (or woman). Come and show us!

Are you having doubts? There is no reason to. We look after one another and help each other to achieve our goals. Among us, a good programmer will master a new technology in half a year. Why wouldn’t that be possible, if we learn from each other.


What do we do?

Safe chat for doctors, search for flight deals, or signing contracts on tablets. That and more is our responsibility.

Don’t you feel like in the stone age, when communicating with a bank? No stress. We are working on it.

We choose technologically demanding projects, because we love challenges.

At the moment we do our magic with these technologies:

Still having doubts, but we piqued your interest? Visit one of our meetups, where we discuss fresh problems, solutions and cutting edge technologies. It doesn’t matter if you are not from Bratislava. You can find us in Prague, Brno, Wien and Kosice as well. Have you heard about ReactiveConf? The second largest conference about (but not only) React.js? Right! We are behind that as well.


What are we expecting of you?

Everything linked to the project we do together. Embrace our team spirit and help us with:

  • Customer needs analysis.
  • Architecture design and software implementation.
  • Improving our development processes.
  • Coaching junior colleagues.
  • Studying new technologies and preparing talks to your team.
  • If it is your cup of tea, also talks on meetups and conferences around the whole world.

What do we offer in return?


From 1 600 up to 4 000 EUR

What else?

We would like to provide you with maximum comfort achievable. Surely, you would like to know specifics:

  • Home office anytime you need.
  • You immersed yourself into the problem at work, just to come up for air late in the evening? Don’t panic! Call an Uber.
  • Uber will also take you home from our numerous team-buildings. As you can tell, we do like each others company.

We care about your health:

  • You can stuff yourself with healthy food and drinks all day in the office.
  • You like squash, fitness or any other sport activities? We will gladly pay for it.
  • We organize team-buildings, trips and getaways, because taking a break is important as well.
  • You can enjoy additional week of vacation during Christmas
  • If you still fall ill in spite of all above, you have unlimited sick days.

We want you to grow:

  • We will provide you 15 paid days yearly for self-education.
  • We will teach you how to work with the most cutting edge technologies.
  • We will surround you with people like you - top regional talent.

We appreciate your loyalty:

  • We award you with shares in the company after one year.
  • We regularly review your salary.

Did we convince you already? Choose the type of your contract.

Do you prefer part time or full time? We will adapt to your lifestyle.

Come and join us. Your future colleagues from VacuumLabs.