Vacuum Beer Brno: Let’s Talk Fintech Development Vol. 1

If you’ve ever wondered what, exactly, is so interesting about the growing fintech field we have a few speakers ready to share their firsthand experience.

Ján Ferko / Idempotency: Make things happen – but not more than once

Check out our Senior engineer Jan Ferko giving a brief talk about idempotency – an important property of distributed systems. For example, how can you ensure clients don’t have to worry about charging their card multiple times? The talk will go over examples of idempotent processes, possible solutions, and introduce some related concepts.

Miroslav Pavelek / Managing fintech projects

What makes fintech projects unique? How are they challenging? Check out the talk by our Project Manager Miroslav Pavelek sharing what it’s like being a PM at Vacuumlabs and the skills needed for fintech projects.

Michal Záň / How to: JSON schema for dynamic products

Usually, when you want to add a new product or change an existing one within a larger project, it requires the time of a developer – but we found another path. Check out the talk by our tech lead Michal Zan going over how we designed a mechanism around the JSON schema that allows Product Owners and other non-engineers to maintain products and even create new ones.

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