Three benefits of earning equity shares

We zoomed in on the benefits of owning equity shares on top of your salary

Company shares. The term that we link with business suits and line graphs. What would you do if you could earn them on top of your salary and partially become a company owner? Earning equity shares has a lot of interesting benefits and these are the best three that we picked:

You grow with the company

Capital growth is one of the key benefits of owning company shares. This is especially true when you are part of the company. As the company grows in value, your shares are proportionally increasing in value too. Working at Vacuumlabs, you are directly contributing to the growth of the whole Vacuumlabs Group – that means you help other departments, Vacuumlabs’ products (AdaLite, Tribal) and spin-offs (ReactiveConf, Sparring) to succeed and thus benefit from their activities. At the same time, you are growing your own shares.

equity shares

You get dividends 

Every shareholder receives a dividend at the end of the financial year. The size of the financial reward depends on the proportion of shares you own and the scale of profit the company has made over the past year. Taking into account the rapid growth of Vacuumlabs, the value of your equity shares can rise sharply over a timeline of a few years. However, the size of the dividend is not fixed and in the case of company loss, you may not receive any return at all. 

You own the company

Not all benefits are of a financial nature. Earning equity shares also makes you one of the company owners. It may not be a huge proportion, but to some extent, you are legally one of the many company owners. By acquiring company shares on top of your salary, you are not just receiving money. You are owning a piece of the pie that you help to build. Also, shareholders get company insights and can attend regular meetings where they can take part in decision-making processes. 

Join us

Participating in the equity scheme certainly has a lot of benefits. If you like the idea of it, join us. We are always looking for bright minds to expand our ranks. Check out our open positions and if you don’t find a suitable position for yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us. Join our ranks and help us create innovative digital products while building something you own.


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