Reveal gaps and fix them now

Understand the technology powering your business. Uncover areas for improvement and unmask forgotten technical debt, which needs to be fixed to scale your business.

What do you get?

As you build up your product, you might notice slowdowns, tech issues or discover potential security holes. With the technology spotlight, we will do a deep dive into your tech stack and codebase to identify any critical performance, or security and architecture issues. Once we are done, we will produce a report identifying next steps and suggestions for improvements.

Typical outcomes:

  • Performance audit
  • Tech due diligence for VCs
  • Security audit & report
  • Tech architecture audit & report
  • Crypto security audit
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Spotlight on Security

Security review of your solution by examining your architecture, code and deployment are critical to identifying potential security holes. We will prepare a Security Audit report to detail findings and recommendations.

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Spotlight on Performance

Our team will review the performance and scalability of your solution by inspecting your architecture, code and deployment. A Performance Audit report is prepared to detail both the findings and recommendations for you to build on.

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Spotlight on Tech

Our senior engineers will work with you to choose the right tech stack and vendors for your next project. We even work with investors to help them better understand their existing or potential new portfolio companies.

Vacuumlabs has been a critical partner to EMURGO and Cardano, by providing us the flexibility of an extended team that feels and works as one of our own. We are pleased to have found a team that is competent, responsible and understands complex topics in crypto. We see ourselves working with Vacuumlabs for a long time.