How we managed to build payment installment capability into Twisto in record time

Sometimes a fintech company needs to build a new critical feature under time pressure, which can become a very stressful moment for the CTO and Head of Delivery. Thanks to their current development velocity and estimation of the work, they know there is no physical way to build that feature with the capacity they have available. Maybe if they push their developers to the brink of exhaustion, they might be able to do this. This shouldn’t be the way to achieve goals, but rather only to deal with emergencies.

Suppose a company has a part of the Vacuumlabs team on board. Luckily for the company, they can access a more straightforward solution, simply approach their tech lead and request additional help for a limited time or expand their team permanently. 

Our client Twisto found itself in this situation just a few months ago. They knew that customer demand pushed them to release a payment installment feature within their app. They needed to upscale their team, but finding the people in the market would take too much time. 

What’s Twisto? The Twisto payment app introduced a new and modern way for customers to pay from Apple Pay, and splitting transactions with friends, to a highly attractive exchange rate for international payments. At the heart of Twisto is a smooth app that allows customers to pay invoices in a batch immediately, at the end of the month or monthly installments. In addition to the payment capabilities, it also offers registered customers a Twisto Mastercard, connected directly to the payment app. 

So we spun our wheels to help Twisto deliver their critical new features by finding the right person on our team of dedicated full-time engineers. They already had experience building similar features. We were able to deliver on time and reaffirmed to the leadership team at Twisto that having an external team from Vacuumlabs was an excellent decision for them. Although they were initially skeptical of working with an external partner, choosing to work with us turned out to be a lifesaver. They now had access to augment other talent without all the pain and hassle of trying to hire internally. To find out more about how we helped Twisto, check out our case study


Suppose you have milestones to hit sooner, in need of time savings, or a lack of appetite for internal training. In that case, Vacuumlabs can help overcome these challenges, regardless of where you are in your product or service development plans.  Let’s imagine you want to build a fintech or payment app from scratch. Since we like to think through what we are going to develop instead of jumping in a producing a heap of spaghetti code, we always counter a checklist that covers not just the basics but the nuances of your target market, for example: 

  • Do you have your customer risk scoring system, or would you consider using a third party system?
  • What territories would you like to operate in and what regulatory research have you done for this region?
  • Do you have access to liquidity to provide the credit? And do you have a technology provider that can move money around through an online digital interface like API?
  • Have you considered what niche or the target market you want to address that will make you different from existing service providers?
  • How do you want to build this technologically, what third-party providers and vendors you want to integrate with to make your dream come alive?

This is just a small taste of the questions we will ask to help you succeed. If you consider building a Pay Later service or another type of fintech, we can help you make it happen.

Vacuumlabs puts the tech in fintech by providing engineering and design services to startups, scaleups and corporates who want to build the next generation of financial services but want a trusted, experienced and stable partner to help them build it. And we will help guide you through the process, so feel free to reach out and schedule a call with me. Let’s talk!


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