Helping society by tech volunteering

These projects show how tech volunteering can improve the lives of people and field as such

Information and communication technologies help to ease everyday life without any doubt. There are services that for a smaller or bigger price tag improve or automate almost anything you want. However, fewer projects aim to help and educate others or drive the field forward free of charge. Tech volunteering is needed to successfully run them.

Hackathons have produced a number of great ideas that turned into successful projects. is one of them. Created by Chceme vediet team and developed pro-bono by Vacuumlabs, is an application that brings transparency into the public data. You can read about its features in our projects. One of them is a map with suspicious trades in your neighbourhood. This way you can check if your neighbour isn’t making a suspicious deal with the state.

tech volunteering project
tech volunteering in switzerland

Our software engineers Milan and Martin participated in a hackathon in Guarda, Switzerland. During their stay in Swiss Alps, Milan and Martin helped with the frontend part. They implemented search functionality on the homepage and created the “Playground” subpage.



Trojsten is a volunteering association that organises Maths, Physics and Informatics activities for primary and secondary education students. Volunteers at Trojsten organise seminars and summer camps and many of their students continue to study at the world’s top universities. They also organise several competitions at international scale such as Internet Problem Solving Contest and Central European Olympiad in Informatics. At Vacuumlabs, we are active and proud supporters of Trojsten and their activities.

Aj Ty v IT

Founded in 2012, Aj Ty v IT is an association that supports women in the IT sector. Their goal is to increase the number of women in the field through organising events, raising awareness about working in the IT field. In addition, they are writing blogs from women’s perspective and introducing successful female programmers. Two of our colleagues, Olivia and Klara shared their thoughts on the topic with Aj Ty v IT on International Girls in Information and Communication Technologies Day. You can support them on their website.

“We would certainly like to eliminate prejudices against women in the IT sector in terms of diversity and equality. For instance, young women might be discriminated for the high potential of having children in the upcoming years. Another example can be that women are thought to be worse programmers than men. However, most of the IT companies that I know are modern and their company culture is very mature. It’s a pleasure to work there. At Aj Ty v It, we also try to share the word outside the field to inspire women to work in the IT. There are numerous ways that companies can use to increase equality in the IT sector. For example, they can organise workshops; implement flexible working hours; forbid sexual harassment and make strategic decisions somewhere else than in the bar or at sports events. They can also support women to create Lean In circles. “


Named similarly as the first project in this list, also follows a similar goal. This association aims to improve public administration through computer science. They want to create a digital solution inspired by other countries that would increase transparency, effectiveness and participation of experts from the field on state projects. involves more than 1,500 IT community members. Whether it’s general public, the community of professionals or state institutions, their projects help on a large scale in the IT field:

“The general public benefits mainly from two of our projects and Professionals find Redflags very useful. Public administration and The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of Slovak Republic for Investments and Informatization gain our support in solving technical and legislative issues.” explains the projects of the CEO of“

JAN SUCHAL OF SLOVENSKO.DIGITAL AT HACKKE AT VACUUMLABS KOSICE plans to continue in their ambitious projects: “We are preparing to handle the analysis of public procurements and to supply a number of projects within eGov. Also, we will continue in our activities to create and support an ethical and healthy competitive environment for the Slovak IT sector. The topics of our aim are OpenAPI, MyData and Issue Management. On top of that, we are preparing a complex report of the current state of the Slovak eGov ,” says Gabriel.

Join us and volunteer in tech

These Slovak projects are examples of passionate people that want to participate in improving society through IT. Whether it’s education, data analysis, diversity or healthcare, tech volunteering has great potential to ease the lives of others. We support such initiatives and, therefore, Vacuumlabs’ software engineers can dedicate 15 paid days a year to tech volunteering. Join our ranks as a Software Engineer and volunteer to help others.


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