5 reasons why you should visit Banking 2021 virtual event

According to Delloitte’s 2021 banking and capital markets outlook, the consequences of the pandemic are reshaping the global banking industry; they are ushering in a new competitive landscape. This is stifling growth in some traditional product areas, and prompting a new wave of innovation in others; it’s recasting the role of branches, and of course, accelerating digitization. Are you ready to seize the opportunities? Don’t miss Banking 2021, a virtual event hosted by Vacuumlabs and Manifesto Growth Architects! Here are five reasons why:

1. Bring your vision to life with the right technology

Whether you are an incumbent bank or a new entrant wanting to launch new services, modern cloud-native technologies and API-driven fintech services provide you with the ability to build your propositions and go to market rapidly. Nigel Sirret from Vacuumlabs will highlight some of the key technology considerations when planning to launch new profitable products, as well as sharing the top 3 pitfalls to avoid—and the top 3 things to get right.

2. Build profitable customer relationships: it’s never been more important

With the Financial Technology revolution driving the democratisation and inclusivity agenda of financial services globally, continued and sustainable growth has to be the Number One priority in today’s landscape. Investor fatigue is common across many markets, so any fintech or digital bank launching today has to slam-dunk the “Three P’s” to succeed: Purpose, Partnerships, and most importantly, Profitability. Neil Harris from GPS will share his experience, knowledge, and thoughts on this topic during the Banking 2021 panel discussion and a roundtable ‘Building the right ecosystem‘.

 3. Learn from real-life case studies

Working with tier one banks around the world requires a company-wide commitment to the highest standards of security, delivery, engineering and compliance. Thought Machine has gained considerable experience, from its engagement with Lloyds Banking Group, to Standard Chartered, and continues to refine and improve its processes with every client. This includes its approach to shipping features, its resourcing and its strict processes around security, audits and compliance. Travers Clarke-Walker from Thought Machine will shed light on its tech secrets. 

4. Enjoy predictable revenue from our five key pillars

There have never been more new entrants to the banking market, but very few have cracked the secret sauce of how to build profitable and sustainable customer relationships. During the talk by Joanna Levesque from Manifesto Growth Architects and also during the roundtable “Building profitable customer relationships”, she will deep dive into what really works, and share lessons of success. 

5. Speak with our expert guides, discuss your ideas with us

Need advice? Schedule some time to speak with our experts about any aspect of your digital payments and banking journey. They’ll help shape your ideas, commercial opportunities, and best in class design. Contact our representative Tom Clementson on LinkedIn and get your slot!

Are you ready to hear more? Then join us on the Banking 2021 event on February 11, 2021, at 5 pm GMT and get a single approach to creating profitable digital banking services created by Vacuumlabs and Manifesto Growth Architects in cooperation with Thought Machine and GPS. Get more information and register here


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