Vacuum Beer Brno | Let’s Talk | The Web3 series

October 27th we hosted yet another night of pizza and beer, and showed why we think the tech in fintech is actually pretty neat. This time, we went over some crypto fundamentals that can get you started - or just refresh your memory on the basics.

Petr Mensik (CEO/Founder, Polkadotters) | Trends in Web3 programming: What might smart contract coding look like in the future?

In this talk, founder of Polkadotters, Petr Mensik will analyze key data about Web3 development and peek into the technologies that underpin it. We’ll go over various smart contract platforms that are currently out there – Ethereum, Solana or even meta-protocols like Polkadot or Cosmos. EVM and Solidity are currently the king of smart contract programming, however, its competition is on the rise. Let’s have a look at why you should pay attention to these alternatives.

Martin Tomko (Software Engineer, Vacuumlabs) | Jumping Into Coding DApps: A Beginner’s Perspective

Are you interested in getting into writing smart contracts or code interacting with them, but don’t know where to start? Our developer Martin Tomko recently went through this very process. In this talk, he will reflect on his learning experience and show you how you can learn to program the most basic interactions with EVM smart contracts using a variety of Node.js- and Rust-powered tools, even with no starting experience with blockchain technology.

David Stancel (Chief Investment Officer, Fumbi) | Bitcoin Protocol 101

Want to know some Bitcoin fundamentals? This talk will go over the basics of Bitcoin protocol, including its Script programming language and the mining mechanism. We’ll also touch on the history of Bitcoin’s creation and its ideological predecessors.

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