Prepaid card powered by Amazon cloud

Vacuumlabs utilized React and Amazon Web services to launch prepaid card wallet SKPAY for mobile devices and the web in less than six months.

Vacuumlabs utilized React and Amazon Web services to launch prepaid card wallet SKPAY accessible via mobile iOS/Android apps or directly in any browser. These prepaid cards can be requested directly via the app or can be given out by employers to their teams as a method of paying out wages or tracking expenses.

Here are just some of the key features of the card

  • Cards can be topped up via IBAN or at any post office in Slovakia
  • ATM withdrawal in the local Slovak market and abroad
  • Pay online safely thanks to MasterCard ID Check
  • Contactless payments help you spend faster

Working with AWS is magical

To make this wallet come to life, we needed a reliable provider of web and hosting services on the backend. The cards run on top PCI-DSS compliant card processor, which exposed an API for the wallet to track spending, view the balance and most importantly empower the users to make changes to limits or blocking the card on the go.

To do this securely and efficiently, we wanted a provider, which would make the job of setting up the testing, staging and deployment of environments easy. Since secure data about transactions would be transmitted from the processor, the connection not only had to be encrypted, it also required setting up a primary and secondary VPN connection with the processor.

Working with AWS helped us build out, test and manage these connections and multiple API gateways with ease. The VPN had to be custom tuned for the needs of the processor, so we could easily setup the basics in AWS and then dig deeper and unlock more power when we needed it by going down to each machine and tuning the communication.

Having access to powerful scaling and load balancing tools meant that we built the solution to scale naturally by just adding more EC2 machines in the future. Having the database service RDS helped us setup, encrypt and automatically backup all of our databases, so that we could focus on what needed to be built instead of hardcoding backup scripts or having to setup the database ourselves. And thus we were able to launch the application very quickly across multiple platforms

Launching in less than 6 months from kickoff

The card was live in customers’ hands in just a few months after the project kicked off. The whole stack is deployed to AWS and running on the latest modern technologies like React and Node.js.

By sharing the codebase using React and React native across Desktop, iOS and Android, we were able to implement custom modifications and improvements at the same time, reducing time to market and duplication of work.

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