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As part of our Smart Contract offering, we will provide to our clients the Vacuumlabs Bootcamp for ensuring the full support throughout their journey

Vacuumlabs is proud to announce the launch of the Bootcamp focused on Thought Machine’s Smart Contracts as a natural next step of the successful partnership between both firms.

With the deep knowledge of Thought Machine, Vacuumlabs has decided to open its own Bootcamp to assist its clients not only in obtaining personalized training modules on how to write Smart Contracts, but also how to maintain the business operations on Thought Machine’s highly efficient core system.

Compared to the traditional online academies that offer recorded videos and exams that can be limiting for those looking for a hands-on experience, Vacuumlabs chose a different path.

Its Thought Machine Bootcamp offers personalized mentoring support and practical exercises to guide its clients through the process of smart contract development.

Vacuumlabs’ mentors will work with clients every step of the way, guaranteeing the necessary support and guidance to succeed.

The Bootcamp provides a unique learning experience for developers

Coding exercises, practical workshops, and personal mentor support will get your teams learning experience to start building on. The Bootcamp curriculum covers the entire smart contracts development lifecycle – from the basics to advanced concepts. We tailor the content to suit your specific needs, ensuring that the future of your financial products is covered.

Learn from experts with years of experience in smart contract development through:

  • Theory workshops to cover the foundational knowledge necessary for developing smart contracts, building on the Thought Machine Fundamentals course.
  • Practical exercises to implement a demo deposit account with overdrafts and interests.
  • Unit and simulation tests to verify the solution, including code reviews and best practices guidance from their mentor.

Completing the course enables your team to implement and deploy their own smart contract products, so they are ready to tackle real-world development challenges.

Vacuumlabs’ Thought Machine Bootcamp offers personalised trainings, as part of the Smart Contract Consultancy.

Vacuumlabs’ Thought Machine Bootcamp also offers personal mentoring, hands-on workshops, and practical coding exercises, allowing you to dive into the world of smart contract development and gain hands-on experience building real bank products.

Don't settle for a cookie-cutter online course!

Invest in the future of your banking products with Vacuumlabs’ Thought Machine Bootcamp learning modules for smart contracts. Our expertise and tailored  approach will ensure that your developers receive the best training possible and are equipped to tackle the challenges of the future.

Smart contract development course content

The main goals of the smart contracts development academy:

  • getting familiar with the Thought Machine environment (operations dashboard, APIs, documentation, development components and general overview)
  • understanding the purpose and composition of smart contracts
  • learning to develop, test and deploy smart contracts

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