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We specialize in implementing your smart contract-based banking products created using Thought Machine’s Vault core solution.

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Smart Contracts are Thought Machine Vault’s innovative way to implement future-proof banking products. They are one of the key and most powerful features of Vault but also the one that are most concerning for customers.

Based on our experience of developing smart contracts, we have created templates and tools to help design, build and test smart contracts with less stress and lower risk. We have also developed a set of templates that make it easier to capture product descriptions and business requirements in a way that can be easily translated into Python code for Smart Contracts.



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Tools and Templates to simplify delivery of Thought Machine Smart Contracts

Customized smart contract development services that cater to your needs

A smart contract training program to set your team up for the future

Your smart contract product delivery

Unleash the full potential of your smart contracts, worry-free. We have you covered, delivering more than just code to bring your digital agreements to life with style and ease.


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Knowledge transfer

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Customized solutions for your unique business needs

We understand that every business is different, which is why we offer a transparent delivery approach designed to meet your specific needs.
Our 3-step process ensures that you get a clear understanding of the solution and the benefits it brings to your business.

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transparent delivery

Our experienced Smart Contract developers understand what can and can’t be done within a Smart Contract and can efficiently write these contracts per your requirements. We’ve developed tools for testing and deploying Smart Contracts and confirming that these business critical tools work as planned saving you time and reducing risk of costly errors.

We will assess your product portfolio and technical systems, understand your needs, business requirements, delivery scope and provide guidance to all decisions.

Using your inputs and our frameworks and best practices, we work on Product design within the Thought Machine environment.

With the smart contract detailed specification, our experts will focus now on delivering the smart contract solution for your product including testing and knowledge transfer to your team.

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Vacuumlabs Bootcamp

At Vacuumlabs, we are committed to supporting you, our client,
beyond the delivery of your smart contract product. Based on your individual requirements, as part of our offering we can also help and train your team so that you can continue to develop and launch new products in the future using internal staff. This commitment to your success sets us apart and guarantees that you receive the best possible solution for your business.

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