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Based on our experience building banks, we’ve developed Vacuumlabs Kernel – our initiative to provide Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to quickly enable launch of a technical environment and build your business logic faster.

We will deploy the Thought Machine Vault core banking system done by Thought Machine to your cloud infrastructure. We are enabling it to access other parts of system. You will get instance, that is ready to be used by applications, allowing developers to focus on business features. It can be challenging, but we already have pre-made framework so we can deploy it without any problems in matter of days.

We will provide ready made application cluster so you will be able to deploy your applications in secure way using modern CI/CD pipelines. Your engineers like it, because it utilizes modern tech-stack such as highly scalable, available and efficient Kubernetes instance, enterprise monitoring, tracing and alerting out-of-the-box. Connection to other parts of the system is achieved using private network connections ensuring high security standards.

Our setup of Enterprise networking in cloud offers numerous benefits for applications, including scalability, flexibility, cost-efficiency, high availability, enhanced security, simplified management, and faster deployment. The security is ensured by least privileged model. Each resource has it’s own security policies attached ensuring that they can connect where they need to, but nowhere else. We are utilizing numerous network components such as private loadbalancers, private tunnels and network traffic monitoring to ensure that all data are kept private.

We will set up all the necessary data stores required by Thought Machine and application cluster including SQL database, Kafka and object storage. We have multi-layer access model to allow only those parts of the system to access data, that are genuinely allowed to do so. All data can be aggregated to data warehouse, where further data analysis can be done.

We will deploy the services needing for monitoring all the components including business logic. It is our priority to make sure everything is up and running all the time. We have numerous alerts set up to ensure that we can mitigate problem before it occurs. In order to have real-time overview of what is going on under the hood, we have several dashboards that go through application logs, system metrics and network traffic.

Infrastructure overview

Group 176
Web, mobile apps and 3rd party services must go first through Application Cluster.
Compliant with AWS Well Architected Framework
Solution designed in cooperation with Thought Machine
ISO 27001 ready
Built-in Disaster Recovery


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Deployment of
development environment

Deployment of a production-grade development environment where developers can start implementing business logic.

Production-grade development environment  for developers

Understanding your
additional needs

Capturing the infrastructure technical requirements based on your business needs through infrastructure workshops. This will include discussions regarding  selected 3rd party vendors and regulatory requirements.

Specification and plan for further development

Customization and
further support

We will help you with integration to 3rd party services, meeting local regulations and preparing other environments. Additionally, we can hand over the infrastructure to your operations team.

Production environment
Other work based on needs

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