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Designing Success with Vacuum labs and Thought Machine’s Vault Core: Our Expertise, Your Solution

Start the journey towards modern banking with this cloud-native core banking system that helps financial institutions meet their evolving needs. Vacuumlabs have defined a template microservices-based application architecture for banking. This proven template has been used for multiple greenfield digital banks and is optimised for Thought Machine. Enjoy real-time insights, streamline your workflow, and achieve your goals easily with Vacuumlabs and Thought Machine.

Vacuumlabs’ reference application architecture build around Thought Machine Vault

Avoid up to months of architecture discussion delays by using Vacuumlabs proven application architecture. Let our expert team at Vacuumlabs guide you.



This cloud-based, microservices, event driven architecture, is optimised for Thought Machine. This extensible, scalable architecture is flexible, to allow you to integrate your chosen third party services in  KYC, cards, payments, back office and legacy applications.

Vacuumlabs Can Help You Transform Your Business based on your strategy and needs

We understand that every business is unique and has specific requirements. Using our architecture framework reduces design time.Our 3 step process ensures that you get a clear understanding of the solution and the benefits it brings to your business.

  • Understanding your products: we will assess your product portfolio and technical systems, understand and determine which ones are most important to retain or modify.
  • High-level architecture designing round: Using our frameworks and best practices, we customise our application architecture to fit your requirements.
  • Delivery recommendation: With the application architecture in our hands, our experts suggest the required resources and roadmap for successful project delivery.

That’s why we offer architecture solutions that are tailored to your business needs so you can leverage the full potential of your business strategy. Our solution helps your internal workflows and increase efficiency, to provide a solid foundation for future growth.

Expert Workshops

We will work closely with you to gain a deep understanding of your high-level business case, product details, motivation, solution scope, and targeted launch dates. This collaborative approach ensures that we deliver a solution that perfectly aligns with your goals and drives business success. Our delivery methodology is based on the following pillars:

The analysis of possible technical constraints focuses on aspects, such as:

  • Connections to old systems
  •  Pre-selected non-negotiable tech
  • Selected third-party connections with the business use-cases they fulfill

Using the collected inputs we create an initial application architecture design, tailored to your specific product needs:

  •  Creation of estimates and recommended roadmap.
  • Final touches on architecture and presentations on architecture and delivery methodology



Our ways of working

Our delivery method is fast and customizable, building and utilising microservices with best practices in frameworks depending on your needs. The financial logic is implemented in Thought Machine’s smart contracts, while third party integrations are managed by dedicated microservices. 

Our solution is cloud-native, scalable, secure, open and agile. We work in squads with both product and engineering experts, using continuous delivery and sprints to deliver high-quality solutions.

We are dedicated to helping our clients unlock the best of Thought Machine’s Vault Core to achieve their goals. Our expertise in architecture design and integration services will ensure a recommended solution that will work the best for your current strategy, and it will help you maximise your potential.

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