Rapidly increasing development capacity

Providing a growing number of front and back-end developers that extent the core team on a longterm basis.

Helping one of the fastest growing Czech startups, Kiwi.com (formerly Skypicker), to keep up with their development needs by providing an ever growing number of skilled developers on a long-term partnership basis.


The unprecendented growth in popularity of Kiwi.com online search that started in 2014 has created warm feelings for investors, but also a number of technological challenges that the company needed to solve fast.

The biggest challenges were platform scalability, sreamlining of the codebase and ability to deliver new features in a fast pace.


By creating a long-lasting relationship, we have been able to provide an ever growing number of frontend and backend developers that are, to this day, working with the internal development team in unison.


A stable team of developers that extend the core team and works with them closely on all issues.


Faster and more user-friendly front-end built in collaboration with experienced designers and UX experts. A refactored the codebase done service by service and the migration to Redux.