Interview with Joanne Dewar, CEO of Global Processing Services (GPS)

Long-term partnerships are a crucial part of GPS's success on the market. Find out more in our new podcast episode!

As we announced our new partnership with GPS, we were thrilled to host CEO Joanne Dewar on our Banking on Air podcast. Learn more about our partnership with GPS in this announcement blog post and listen to the discussion with Joanne Dewar below.

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Listen to our discussion with Joanne Dewar about GPS, the payments processing partner for many of today’s global fintechs and digital banking partners and e-wallet providers, including Revolut and Starling Bank, offering scalable, secure global issuer processing capabilities through its single processing platform, GPS Apex. In this episode, Joanne discusses the acceleration towards becoming a cashless society, the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented, and opportunities for women in fintech.

About GPS

Global Processing Services (GPS) is the trusted and proven go-to payments processing partner for today’s leading challenger brands, including Revolut, Starling Bank and Curve. Founded in 2007, GPS’s highly flexible and configurable platform places the control firmly in the hands of global fintechs, digital banks and e-wallets, enabling them to deliver rich functionality to the cardholder.

GPS is certified by Mastercard and Visa to process and manage any credit, debit or prepaid card transaction globally, with offices in London, Newcastle, Singapore and Sydney. It is equipped to meet the stringent standards required by Tier 1 banks and has integrated with more than 40 issuing banks and operates programmes for 180+ clients in 60 countries, using over 150 currencies.

About Vacuumlabs

Vacuumlabs: a trusted global technology partner with a proven track record in successfully delivering full-stack fintech solutions that provides teams of agile, remote by nature, software engineers, and designers with years of experience building fintech, cryptocurrency, online marketplaces, and digital products.

Every step of the way, our experts guide our clients, ensuring they can rapidly learn and iterate. When it comes to world-class product development, we are here to be your guide and partner. From our seven offices, we guide our global clients in their product development needs. Since 2012, our team of engineers has grown to over 250, and today we count more than 60 clients around the world, from Europe to North America and Asia.

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