Forward Thinking: Encouraging creative intelligence in the next generation

Vacuumlabs was built on finding extraordinary and creative solutions. But great ideas need the right environment to thrive. Our history is interwoven with youth organizations that promote critical thinking and open mindedness.

For the past few years, we’ve reached out to support educational camps that enable exceptionally curious students to meet like-minded friends and solve interesting challenges. A number of our people volunteer for them as organizers or are alumni from these demanding extracurriculars. These include organizations like Trojsten, P-Mat, and the gaming-focused Hemisfera

While their specialities differ, all of them support enthusiasm in the realms of technology, physical sciences, and mathematics. They encourage the values of curiosity, critical thinking, and community that make companies like Vacuumlabs possible. 

The open culture within the organisations heavily influenced today’s Vacuumlabs culture, especially the inclusivity and openness. And, most importantly, we believe in their mission: To help talented kids across Slovakia grow, to create a great community and develop skills for life by volunteering.”

Marian Hornak, Head of Delivery at Vacuumlabs 

The activities provided by these organizations unlock complex problem solving and encourage cooperation. It’s what Vacuumlabs was built on and the reason it exists today. Vacuumlabs co-founder and former CEO Samuel Hapak met Vacuumlabs CTO Tomas Kulich during a Trojsten correspondence seminar. Later, Hapak met Vacuumlabs’ current CEO Matej Ftáčnik at the Young Physicists Tournament – an event supported in part by the unique learning opportunities offered by Trojsten. 

[The programs] develop children in a really interesting and intelligent manner. It gave me a lot as a person and had a really positive effect on my career.” 

Samuel Hapák, Co-founder of Vacuumlabs & Chairman of the Board 

Giving back to the future 

These unique programs inspired and shaped our leaders – and they continue their commitment to growing young talent. But this year, these camps and competitions were in jeopardy of being canceled due to the ongoing pandemic. 

When the director of P-Mat called to attention the challenge of organizing events during the pandemic, Samuel Hapak stepped in to offer support to P-Mat and others through our spinoff Rychlotest-Covid – a provider of accessible, safe covid testing. Rychlotest-Covid was able to provide free or discounted testing for the educational camps that have significance for our history – and our future. 

I’m very happy that we can support meaningful educational activities for children. The pandemic was hard on students this year, so enriching activities at these summer camps could at least offset that.”

Martin Vavrinčík, CEO – Rychlotest-Covid & CSR Manager

We also continue to support organizations like P-Mat and Trojsten through providing spaces for events and financial sponsorship. Some of our Vacuumlabs colleagues have kids of their own attending these camps and alumni continue to join us. 

While we have a special connection to math and tech camps, we also reach out to additional organizations. Through Rychlotest-Covid, we were able to assist organizations for at-need youth. We’ve provided testing to Červený Nos, Bátor Tábor, and Dednadej– and have big plans for using our success to uplift the local community. 


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