Embedded payments with Brad van Leeuwen

Inside the Vacuum #004
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Brad van Leeuwen is the COO and co-founder of Cledara, which empowers companies to manage all their subscriptions in one place, track budgets, and have all invoices in one place. Brad enjoys creating things that make the world better. His personal mission is to try to understand things from first principles and move from there. Cledara’s mission is to make SaaS scalable for the companies and people that use it. Cledara was named SaaStock SaaS Startup of the Year in 2018, is a member of Techstars London and is backed by Anthemis, one of the world’s top fintech VCs.

In this episode we speak about embedded payments and how they will drive the future of fintech. We also talk about how the market might change.

Please enjoy!

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Here is a rundown of the episode, if you want to jump ahead:

  • 02:50 Effect of coronavirus on fintech and startups 
  • 07:20 How has fintech changed since the last recession 
  • 15:23 Embedded finance as a pipe for innovation 
  • 18:10 What is Banking as a service 
  • 20:20 Brad’s controversial opinions on challenger banking 
  • 32:13 What you wish you would have known about fintech when you got started 
  • 41:05 What billboard would you put up at your hometown?

Useful links from episode:

If you are interested to hear more about Cledara and it’s history, check out our podcast Inside the Vacuum #002 with Cristina Vila, who is a company founder.

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Banking in Air podcast explores the lives and journeys of founders and technology leaders as they work to overcome challenges as they build products in am ever-changing world. Hosted by Marcel Klimo of Vacuumlabs.

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