A global concern needs a global technical solution

Our guidance and cooperation gave Swedish fintech Doconomy a technological product that it could offer in other territories: the 2030 Calculator. Doconomy knew that it needed to have its carbon impact message heard outside of Sweden – and it partnered with Vacuumlabs to achieve just that.

By overcoming a major technical challenge, Vacuumlabs helped Doconomy take that vital first step in not only helping its users reduce their carbon footprint, but also building Doconomy’s brand awareness of its mission on a global scale.


From ideation to the completed calculator


Involved in the project

Express for Node.js

Framework used for build

React Native

State managed by Overmind

A vision for sustainability

Doconomy has a powerful vision: to give both consumers and businesses the digital tools that they need to understand and reduce the environmental impact of their consumption. Founded by a team of people from the finance, technology, and communications industries, Doconomy launched the Black Card in 2019 – the first credit card to limit spending not on available credit, but on the levels of CO2 emission caused by the owner’s purchases.

At the heart of this card is a highly sophisticated calculator that can determine the carbon impact of any item that the cardholder buys. Invisible to the cardholder, the calculator is able to dive deep into the specifics of each product, using the Åland index methodology – a world-leading impact index calculator.

Doconomy’s pioneering Black Card was a huge success in Sweden, winning multiple major industry awards, including three Grand Prix awards at Cannes Lions and Eurobest.

Looking beyond Sweden

Success on a national level prompted Doconomy to look further afield; indeed, it already knew that its message needed to be heard globally.

Fulfilling its ambitions of going international and taking their vision to the global stage would involve a journey; and Doconomy understood that the next step in that journey would be to share its groundbreaking method of calculating carbon impact with the world.

Once you find a partner that fully understands your needs, and your ambitions, and the challenges ahead – and is committed to addressing them together with you – you should really cling on to that partner. Because that partnership has tremendous value, for your current and for your next challenges.


Needs and challengers

We realized that Doconomy already had a powerful and valuable asset – the algorithm that is used to determine the carbon impact of purchases made. We suggested that we use this as the basis for creating a new, standalone product – a version of the calculator that can determine the carbon impact of anyone interested in climate change, regardless of their location. 

Building on that idea, a small three-person team of Vacuumlabs engineers worked together to create the 2030 Calculator. Launched initially as a website, this allowed for the collection of highly-granular data – allowing product brands and material suppliers to understand the carbon footprint of the products and materials they produce, as well as providing the transparency that would allow consumers to make informed consumption choices.

Creating a standalone 2030 Calculator offers another significant benefit: it opens the door to various consumer and whitelabel apps for a huge variety of different use cases. As part of the Planet Loyalty initiative within Doconomy, we can also see the potential for a wide range of carbon offsetting and e-commerce integrations. We’re really looking forward to working with Doconomy on building out a whole suite of interesting products and services.

Rapid development
Built in just three months in consultation with Doconomy’s design team

Payment functionality built in
Users will be able to use Stripe payments and assess their carbon impact

Building brand awareness
Available on the web browser, Doconomy’s message has a global reach

Without the skillsets and the capabilities of Vacuumlabs, we wouldn’t be in such a good place as we are now. So we are extremely grateful for the collaboration, and we are super excited about what’s to come.


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