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Reach your audience with precision

We improved conversion rates by 2.5x leveraging transaction-based client events and advanced propensity-to-buy modeling.

With more than 100 relevant client events and characteristics we deliver comprehensive client profiles which underpin your targeted sales and personalization efforts. Both real-time or batch processing is available.


Client profile

Machine learning

TX - enrichment


Evaluate the risks

We implemented income verification & risk insights to enable loan pre-scoring.

We made it possible for the client to precisely document salaries, business income, pensions, social allowance payments and other sources of income. We also automated identification of relevant risk signals including material gambling, non-bank loans and leasing payments. With our risk module and transaction-based probability of default models you can continuously monitor your exposure across your whole client portfolio.

Credit risk

Fraud risk

TX - enrichment

Client profile

Event detection

Automate your financial advisory

We helped the client re-design and drive internal advisory and sales processes.

Our automated financial advisory engine supplied complex assessment of end-users financial wellbeing and provided actionable recommendations.

Sales uplift

Financial health


UI design

Re-engage your customers

We’ve created production-ready workflows to help you re-engage your customers.

With our suite of next gen PFM tools you can deliver practical value to your clients. Provide tools such a deploy smart alerts, financial calendar, ability to save, payday split, funds remaining, subscriptions, and more.

User experience

Financial Calendar

Next Gen PFM




Transaction-Based Solutions For Retail & Corporate Banking

Leverage our off-the-shelf TX enrichment capabilities and insights to drive your sales, improve risk management, and drive customer engagement.

Build Your Own Data Science Lab

Create or catalyze your own internal data science capabilities to improve analytical throughput and build proprietary data solutions.

Custom Solutions: Build & Team Augmentation

Tap our data science capabilities to build and deploy a data solution with laser focus. Alternatively, augment your team with a senior data scientist to help you steer the overall analytical process.

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