How an aspiring drummer became a fintech founder with Ivan Muck

Inside the Vacuum #001
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On the first episode of Banking in Air, we speak to Ivan Muck, the co-founder and CEO of Family Finances. Growing up in a family of musicians, he dreamed of becoming a professional drummer and ended up helping banks and fintechs understand the needs of millennials and teenagers. 

Ivan speaks openly about the challenges they faced over the first few years and how co-founding the company with his brother Ferenc as a product designer and their friend David as CTO has brought them together through shared values and passions. Ivan and Ferenc are actually not only brothers. They are triplets and you will find out more about their sister during the interview. Secret hint: She is also a musician!

Please enjoy!

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Here is a rundown of the episode, if you want to jump ahead:

  • 00:30 What Family Finances do
  • 06:25 Ideal customer
  • 08:12 History and challenges of the company
  • 15:14 Working with a brother as a co-funder
  • 17:20 Music background of family
  • 20:07 Technologies used in Family Finances
  • 22:43 Advice Ivan would give to himself before starting a business
  • 26:05 Team setup
  • 27:24 What billboard would you put up at your hometown?

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