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Virtual events can help us to increase business opportunities. Check the list we have put together!
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The ban on international traveling caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 dramatically changed not only our vacation calendars but also business plans. Until now, many companies flourished thanks to attending various events all around the globe. Vacuumlabs is not different. Now conferences and exhibitions are being postponed leaving the calendars of hundreds of thousands of business executives empty. Canceled business trips caused that companies experience a lack of opportunities to meet new people, network, and establish new business connections.

However, there is no time to cry over split milk. The new “normal” is being defined and ways how to create new sales opportunities are changing as you are reading this article. Fortunately, there are still events that everybody can join right now – the virtual ones.

We have put together a list of upcoming (fintech, banking, technology) events that we find interesting to attend – to stay updated and have the opportunity to meet new people and network. Have a look – hopefully, this will give you the right opportunity you have been looking for.

Name of eventDateThemeCost
Venture SummitMay 5-7VC$899
Fundraising in HK and Further Expansion to the Greater Bay AreaMay 6Fundraisingfree
Sales in a Time of CrisisMay 6Businessfree
The Banking Scene Afterwork with Brad van LeeuwenMay 7Fintech25€
Consensus DistributedMay 11-15Bankingfree
Preparing for the Next Phase of Digital Wallet DisruptionMay 12Bankingfree
Open Banking World CongressMay 12-13Bankingfree
Global Digital ConferenceMay 12-14Businessfree
The Banking Scene Afterwork with Don GinselMay 14Fintech25€
Rise FinTech Insights Launch EventMay 14Fintechfree
Fintech Friday – Open Banking and APIsMay 15Fintechfree
Blockchain 101: Tales From the Crypto with RevolutMay 20Fintechfree
Behind the Hype: Impact FinanceMay 26Fintechfree
Fintech after CV-19May 27-28Fintech17.70€
The Future of FintechJune 7Fintech£5
Techconference | Virtual EditionJune 9Technology19€
SaaStock RemoteJune 10-11SaaS$129
FinTech Talents | Virtual SpringJune 10Fintechfree
Collision confJune 23-25Business$99
Digital Banking Goes DigitalJune 30-July 2Banking£0-495
Virtual WFC Money Summit 2020Sept 14-18Fintech$157
Upcoming virtual events

More events coming soon – we will regularly revise the list and add new events.

Stay safe and see you soon!

If you know about any other virtual events covering the topics of fintech/technology/banking, please let us know on and we will be happy to add them to this list!

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