AI in Business: An Honest Guide for Leaders & Teams

Cut through the hype and get to the real power of AI

Are you starting to feel the AI FOMO? Discover the true potential of AI in business. Join our experts and learn how to overcome common challenges, establish relevant metrics for AI initiatives, and consistently evaluate their performance.

Highlights from the discussion:

  • It’s easy to make something cool with AI, but very challenging to make something production-ready and cost efficient.
  • AI is best used as a reasoning engine, not as an oracle. Don’t rely on pre-trained knowledge, but rather their powerful ability to abstract, structure, decide, and combine.
  • AI capabilities are multiplying your inputs. If your inputs are garbage, you will have garbage outputs. There is more work in prepping the data, than actually tweaking the prompts.
  • 100,000,000 use ChatGPT actively every month, breaking records for a new user base.
  • LLMs are hard to debug. Natural languages are ambiguous and this filed is still new. We are still in the early stages of figuring out the right tools to properly develop, test, and share.

Get started with this quick guide

We’ve collected out experiences and insights in one easy to scan infographic. Check out this handy guide you can reference for where and how to use AI in banking:

More exciting talks to come

Don’t miss out on this chance to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of finance – and tune in next time for more insights!


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