Vacuum Beer Brno: Let’s Talk Fintech Engineering Vol. 2

Wonder what the atmosphere is like at our Let's talk Fintech events in Brno? Come by to Clubco next time for free pizza, beer, and learn why we think the tech in fintech is actually pretty neat.

Michal Záň | Post Mortem: Migrating to PNPM

Legacy Yarn has been in maintenance mode for over two years, but there’s a great replacement option that is fast, safe, and disk efficient. PNPM (performant npm) comes with a new way of storing node modules and all you can find on the web about it is praise. Everybody talks about the good. Our tech lead Michal Záň will walk you through the bad and the ugly.

Andrej Martinák | Introduction to Kotlin Multiplatform: Cross-platform app development with Kotlin

Senior Android Developer Andrej Martinák talks about Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile – an SDK that allows developers to deliver mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Learn about cross-platform development in general, current mobile cross-platform development frameworks (React Native, Flutter, etc.), and then takes a deep dive into Kotlin Multiplatform.

Do you like what you see? Watch our other talks and don’t worry, there’s still more to come.

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