Fight Spaghetti Code.
Work At Vacuumlabs

Fighting spaghetti code is easy. All you need to do is write good code and only work with people who do. Like Vacuumlabs engineers. By joining our team you’ll fight spaghetti code and get to work on cutting edge technology to create global fintech innovation, experiment with blockchain-based products and socially responsible projects.

Why Is Fighting Spaghetti Code Important?

We believe that code should do two things: work and be beautiful. Spaghetti code does neither. If you’ve ever lost your temper because of a software crash. An unexpected error that should have been expected. A program or device not doing what it is supposed to do. Or taking over a vacationing colleague’s project that was a pain to even read, you’re a spaghetti code victim. And it’s revenge time.

The No Spaghetti Manifesto

Not ready to change jobs? You can still fight the good fight by following our 8 principles for making the world spaghetti-free.

Scalability, microservice architecture, ORM, do you really need it now? No? Ok, just go with small and simple. You can always refactor later.

It’s better to spend a week designing the solution and another week coding it than it is rewriting it eight times in six weeks and it still being wrong.

A junior knows that copy-paste leads to hell and uses abstraction to avoid it. A senior knows that wrong abstractions lead to hell and uses copy-paste to understand a problem before writing a correct abstraction.

Don’t enforce your purely aesthetic preferences on others. Rather, focus on the hard stuff: design, correctness, error handling. Such a code review is the greatest tool we have to achieve a quality product.

Step out of your comfort zone and search for different knowledge. Study C, Python, Clojure, and Haskell. Keep your mind open and don’t be trapped by dogma.

Features are what makes your product valuable. Code is a burden, and if not justified, it should be deleted. Best commit? One that removes 1,000 lines!

Every external dependency is a potential source of trouble. Don’t rely on a 3rd party library just to save a few lines of code.

Engineering insight is invaluable to determine the set of requirements with the highest business value that can be delivered with limited engineering resources.

Join our software engineering team

Good people make good code. That’s why we’re always looking for engineers
with a passion for making the world a better code base.

Typical career path

Software engineer salary range at Vacuumlabs: 1,600 – 6,400 €.
See the typical career path to learn what you can expect:

  • Intern
    With limited programming experience, you require close supervision. You are eager to learn and don’t give up easily. 
  • Junior (1600-2000 EUR):
    + 15% equity (after 1 year)
    You are comfortable working with standard toolchain, research information independently, and start developing a basic taste for a good code. You develop simple features under the guidance of your more experienced colleagues.
  • Mid (2250-2800 EUR)
    + 15% equity (after 1 year)
    You can develop most of the features independently, coach less experienced colleagues, and lead small projects occasionally.
  • Senior (3100-3800 EUR)
    or opt for converting 5% cash for 15% equity
    You require no supervision implementing even the hard parts of the software. You routinely lead junior colleagues and actively participate in design & code reviews. You always look at the code through the optics of its business impacts and can communicate them to the customer. You proactively research new trends and prepare talks for your colleagues and the general audience. We trust you to lead teams of 3–4 people.
  • Team Lead (4200-6400 EUR)
    or opt for converting 5% cash for 15% equity
    You are capable of leading the biggest of projects. You think of costs, benefits, and risks of any decision, even a bad one. You discuss, design and write documentation before writing a single line of code. If a proper software architecture doesn’t pull its weight, you advocate for a ‘quick and simple’.

Want to see our current and past projects?

We build everything from fintech to crypto, backend to frontend, web to mobile.

Get More Than Just Perks

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Self-education package

You have 15 paid days a year to learn new things or attend a conference or a course.

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Transparent salaries & quarterly reevaluation

We base salary on experience and talent. Everyone sees the salaries of other colleagues. Even the executive management compensation is public.

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Sharing the company

We believe everyone wants to spend their productive years working on something that’s theirs, too. That’s why you can earn shares and choose whether it’s cash or shares you want more under specific circumstances

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Paid overtime

Overtimes are exceptional and always paid in full.

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Free lunch & all-day catering

We’re hungry for knowledge, but not for food. All-day catering is a standard for us.

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Unlimited paid sick days

Your health is important to us, so stay in bed as long as you need to.

There are couple more benefits worth mentioning:

  • We have flexible working hours, and you can work from home
  • In-house events and company retreats are family friendly
  • You will work in a soundproof office with up to 5 colleagues
  • All-hands company retreats twice a year in remote locations
  • Unpaid time off and sabbatical leave are open options
  • Relax in chill-out zones with games, books and comfy couches
  • Free access to more than 2,000 sport and wellness centres
  • Reading club every Friday’s morning
  • A company gym in Bratislava HQ
  • Upgrade budget to spend on your hardware any way you want to

Join our league to fight spaghetti code

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Complete the Initial challenge in 90 minutes, and they’ll notice you!

Use any tech stack you want to complete the challenge.

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No Spaghetti Code Society Freebies

Spaghetti food truck + lightning talk

Our special food truck delivers tasty spaghetti without code to engineers hungry for change and knowledge. Tech lightning talk served instead of condiments! See you at one of its upcoming stops.

Coming soon

No-spaghetti ketchup

Limited edition of the ultimate accelerator for faster spaghetti removal. Once a spaghetti code free society is achieved, can be used on hot-dogs.

Coming soon to your fridge!

No-spaghetti ketchup

Principles we believe are important to create spaghetti-free code.