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Greenfield product build

Knowing how to start your next big project might be tricky and daunting. With the help of Vacuumlabs, you can design, develop, test and go to market with a completely new product. We will guide you from idea to launch, so that you can focus on what you know best—your customer.

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What does ‘greenfield build’ mean?

Vision and plan

Understanding your vision is crucial for delivering a great outcome. That’s why we care about how you’re going to change the world. And we do it from day one.

If you are not sure about your vision yet, our product spotlight team is ready to help.

Concept and product design

Great product design empowers and delights. We challenge assumptions, hypotheses and iterate to connect the business objectives and user needs.

  • Desk & Field research
  • New value propositions
  • Visual concept
  • UX/UI design

Engineering and product build

Once we know what to build, we kick off with the first sprint and get to work until we are done with the first release.

  • Infrastructure & setup
  • Product architecture
  • Agile software engineering
  • Iterative testing and deployment

Afterlaunch long-term support

Launching your product is just the first step of your journey. You might need maintenance or new features to be added, so we are here to support you long-term as your vision becomes reality.

  • SLA
  • Production-grade testing
  • DevOps and scalability
  • Innovation deep dives

From SF to Tokyo, we are a trusted partner

Our collaboration model has been designed to provide you with the best of both worlds—a remote partner who still feels part of the inhouse team. From daily stand-ups to face-to-face stakeholder meetings, our processes, tools and communication are optimised for smooth and efficient development, continuous delivery and support.

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Projects we have built

Browse through the many products we have built with our customers from the ground up or contributed heavily to making them a success in the market

  • Fintech
  • Blockchain/crypto
  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Design

Different approach to development

Engineering is a blend of abstract thinking, exact logic, and art, too. We believe that three essential pillars distinguish great engineers from the rest.

A team that was hired differently

Simply being a good coder is not enough. Problem solving and abstract thinking are also critical skills. Our people anticipate requirements and proactively evaluate alternative solutions to ensure your product is the best it can be.

Tech stack flexibility

We build scalable and secure solutions for deployment in the cloud or on-premise. We develop in languages and frameworks used by leading-edge mobile and web start-ups. We connect to legacy technologies. We use an agile methodology.

Whiteboard before first line of code

Writing code without understanding the industry is not enough. Understanding the context ensures much faster delivery and more precise solutions, whether industry-specific security requirements, performance standards or regulations.

Vacuumlabs has provided us with an amazing team of engineers who deliver a great product and help our vision come true. They bring in the right expertise when needed, they challenge us, and they look for simple solutions to difficult problems; meaning we can move fast, learn and iterate.

Cristina Vila, CEO of Cledara

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