your data into

tangible value

Leverage your data with Vacuumlabs’ team of seasoned data science experts, along the whole data science pipeline. Our experience with banks, fintechs and other financial institutions will help you to extract value and monetize your most underused and underutilized asset – data.

Employing the latest technologies

We’ll hyper-personalize your sales propositions and customer risk assessment capabilities.

Drive sales through insight-led customer targeting

By leveraging TX-based client events and propensity-to-buy modeling, we helped our client to achieve 2.5x conversion rate improvement.

Enhance your credit risk assessment

We deployed our Income analytics and Risk signal detection modules to drive credit pre-scoring processes and expand early-warning-systems.

Predict and tackle customer churn

We integrated enriched datasets from a variety of sources to achieve a significant improvement and granularity in churn prediction.

Kickstart and accelerate your data-driven transition

We deployed our Bijou TX analytics platform to speed our clients’ transition to a truly data-driven businesses.

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Erik Cebik

Head of applied data science