Agile Software Engineering

Spend less time looking for quality tech talent and more time on delivering features for your customers. We can guide you through the process whether you are building product on a greenfield or you need an extended fluid workforce

Partnerships are a key part of our strategy. Getting the right talent on board is critical for a digitally-savvy operation and so the bank’s partnership with Vacuumlabs has been fruitful.


Build from scratch with a full squad

Knowing how to start your next big project might be tricky and daunting. With the help of Vacuumlabs, you can design, develop, test and go to market with a completely new product. We will guide you from idea to launch, so that you can focus on what you know best—your customer.

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Predictable spend

At any moment, you will know what the current cost is and what the future cost will be because we work on a time-and-materials basis. 

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Natively remote

From daily stand-ups to face-to-face stakeholder meetings, our processes, tools and communication are optimized for smooth and efficient development, continuous delivery and support no matter what your location is.

Scalable real-time

Do you need more seniors or engineers with a different tech stack? We are ready to adjust the parameters of the team so you can get on the market faster.

Extend your team with a team augmentation

Spend less time looking for quality tech talent and more time on delivering features for your customers. With our fluid workforce model, our team members can join your existing squads to supercharge your capabilities or we can take full end-to-end responsibility for delivery of specific functionality.

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Increase bandwidth

At any moment, you will know what the current cost is and what the future cost will be because we work on a time-and-materials basis. 

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Fill skill gaps on the go

You can fully focus on your growth, we will help you out with resources.

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Scalable real-time

We will help you build from the ground up or pick up at whatever point you have reached.

I really love working with the Vacuumlabs team. Not only do we have super-smart engineers working on the team, but they communicate and aren’t afraid to feedback. The strong stewardship from the supporting staff, including our Product manager/sprint master has really helped move Railsbank on. We’re super-delighted we were introduced to Vacuumlabs, and I’m glad we will continue working together for sometime, building some useful, disruptive (fin)tech.

Adam McGreggor, Chief Platform Officer at Railsbank

Flexible and modern tech stack

We work with modern and reliable web app frameworks and mobile tech stacks to help you build your product to last,  launch them with confidence, and scale as you grow.



React Native

















AWS Infrastructure





You already have an in-house team and need to either increase delivery bandwidth or complement the team with additional skill sets and experience.

E.g. situations written below may occur and that’s the perfect time to fill the gaps:

  • You need to meet investor expectations faster than planned
  • You want to focus more on growth and less on recruiting
  • You want to innovate and scale faster but don’t have enough capacity
  • Your delivery team is not performing as expected

You want to build a product or a feature, get on the market as soon as possible with an MVP but you don’t want to hire developers and employees. You simply don’t want to waste time, and you need to get project management of the product as well.

Understanding your vision is crucial for delivering a great outcome. That’s why we care about how you’re going to change the world. And we do it from day one.

If you are not sure about your vision yet, our Spark team is ready to help.

Discovery workshop

Jump on a quick call or meeting with us to walk us through your vision and challenges.

Assembling the team

When we know all the basics, we will organize a meeting with one of our senior engineers to assess your needs and propose the right team composition to help you resolve key pain points.


We put together a detailed proposal with the estimated time and investment required to go to market. If needed, our engineers will discuss any additional requirements or details before this proposal is made.


When you are happy with the proposal, you will work with a dedicated person to get all the legal paperwork done and then kickoff the project with your new team. Your project manager will guide you through the whole process and keep you up to date on anything you might need to know about.


Regular standup sessions and progress updates are a must, so we will work with you to set up the optimal schedule and frequency of meetings to help you and your colleagues get the most out of your team.