Building a real estate digital service book

Service Book is a standard with cars, for example. So why don’t our houses, apartments or offices have one too?

A custom set of illustrations

The foundation of the visual design strategy revolves around strong custom illustrations. That’s a significant element across contemporary customer-facing digital products. The design language is modular and can be adjusted to communicate different emotions through various illustrations. These connect emotionally with the user and aid them in understanding the value of the service. Inside the application, we keep the design very clean and minimalistic to avoid unnecessary distractions for the user.


We pursued the idea of the dependable buddy, and we’ve given it the defining characteristics of a person. Its name had to embark these qualities. Research and ideation led us towards old Nordic mythology with equivalents in the Romance and West Germanic languages. We designed the logo around a bold typeface to reflect brand values as strength and dependability, but at the same time, it had to feel progressive and straightforward.

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