Creating a contemporary medical brand


Create a branding strategy that will define an innovative healthcare company specialising on diabetes and its effects. Committed to dramatically increase the quality of life of its customers, diawin is a footstep ahead.

Our approach

Working closely with diawin, we had a detailed understanding of the problematics associated with the diabetic foot. We started with the target audience. What are the aspects of life that may be compromised? Thorough research and talks with more than 300 appropriate responses featuring both doctors and diabetic patients led us to our primary hypotheses: many people had given up on simple activities like going for a walk, and they felt that their condition had taken over.


By mapping out the customer journey, we identified every touchpoint where and how would customers encounter the brand. This was a significant step to fully develop one of the most essential pillars of communication: educating customers about diabetes’ potential threats. The identity and packaging had to feel unique and modern—more like a lifestyle than a medical company. We adopted clean and vibrant graphics throughout the entire product line: packaging, marketing, and educational materials available both online and offline. The brand isn’t just about the diabetic foot; instead, the brand promises customers the ability to reclaim their life. Diawin is a consumer-facing brand that attracts both consumers and doctors.

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