Twisto, a payment hub for daily payments

Industry: Fintech
Base: Prague
Scope: Back-end

A central payments hub for daily payments, that gives customers instant credit for their purchases and provides a transparent way to track spending, aggregating all monthly spending into a single invoice to be settled in full within the 45-day interest-free period or via easy instalments.

Twisto is listed in the Top 50 Most Promising Start ups by Financial IT Pathfinder 2017.

The scope of our involvement

We helped Twisto provide the instant point-of-sale credit to the online generation across Central and Eastern Europe. Consumers with a thin credit history–particularly young families, students, and freelancers—receive fair pricing for short-term credit while merchants have improved their mobile conversion rates and increased order size.

Our team is leading the enhancement of the solution and embedded Nikita risk engine to incorporate the country-specific regulatory requirements and payments ecosystem.

Engagement highlights

We’ve undergone a significant code refactoring to improve the performance and response times of the initial solution, continuous feature innovation, and continual integration of new e-shops and 3rd party partners across different countries.

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