Railsbank banking API, connecting financial services incumbents and Fintech startups

Industry: Fintech
Base: London
Scope: Front-end, Back-end, DevOps, Project Management

London-based Fintech startup led by Nigel Verdon (the founder of CurrencyCloud) is building a banking and compliance platform that connects financial services incumbents and Fintech startups.

Railsbank is listed as one of the 50 hottest FinTech startups of 2017 in Europe.

The scope of our involvement

We helped businesses gain access to global banking with just five lines of code. Railsbank seamlessly connects to numerous banks in the EU and the UK and extends a set of APIs to fintech startups. Every transaction and every operation is checked by a compliance firewall which substantially lowers the risk for both banks and startups.

We provided a dedicated team of developers who were the sole engineers at Railsbank, building and maintaining the entire back-end system.

Engagement highlights

We have undergone a significant code refactoring to improve the performance and response times of the initial solution, continuous feature innovation, and continual integration of new e-shops and 3rd party partners across different countries.

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