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Bringing the world’s best core banking engine – Thought Machine’s ‘Vault’ engine – to clients across the globe

Core banking engines are the future

Last year, our collaboration with Thought Machine marked the first successful installation of Thought Machine’s core banking engine in Asia: we enabled a new virtual bank to launch its services in Hong Kong, along with Asia’s first numberless payment card.

Due to the power of the ‘Vault’ engine, these results were achieved in record time: this Hong Kong-based bank went from initial licensing to full market deployment in just 18 months. After this successful collaboration, Thought Machine and Vacuumlabs are now proud to announce a global strategic partnership to bring Vault implementations to clients across the globe.

Future-proof your bank with a cloud-native banking core

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If it works for Standard Chartered,
it might work for you

When Standard Chartered begun working on their virtual bank in Hong Kong, they knew that the only way to innovate was to rethink the process and launch a new operating model. They decided to partner with digital partners like Vacuumlabs to bring their vision to life.

Mox operates in a whole new way by listening to customers and focusing on heart share. We aim to empower Hong Kong customers to grow and unlock more possibilities by providing a truly digital and personalised banking experience,” said Deniz Güven, CEO of Mox.

Vacuumlabs has the specialist skillsets, technical expertise, and can-do attitude which enabled the client to embrace our cloud native core banking technology – the collaboration between our two companies was a key factor for the overall success of the project.

Steve Hoy, Partnerships Director of Thought Machine
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