The easiest way to purchase bus tickets

Buy bus tickets directly from your mobile phone.

A blazingly fast way how to purchase bus tickets directly via your mobile app. The delivery of the app to the biggest Slovak bus operator Slovak Lines happened in less than 10 weeks.


Complying with the legacy reservation API whilst creating a good UI experience for the users. Building the system in less than 10 weeks for both iOS and Android in React Native.


A new API was created which completely encapsulated the legacy API provided. Significant changes to the structure of the data (now cached extensively) made both apps work as quickly as possible.


iOS app, Android app, Web back-end.


During the development, we found several bugs in Python’s SOAP library - fixing these was a challenge but provided a nice contribution to the Open Source community. The way in which we re-implemented parsing (big) responses is now almost 150 times faster.