Banking & Compliance as a Platform

Building the next generation banking platform so fintechs can access global banking with 5 lines of code.

Co-founded by Nigel Verdon, co-founder of Currency Cloud and a 20 year veteran of fintech, Railsbank is backed by Firestartr and Kima, rethinking how fintech companies access banking services on a global scheme. Account management, payments, receipts, Foreign eXchange, card management, and compliance, are all integrated in one unified API made for developers, by developers.


To assemble a team that can build from scratch a new infrastructure for global banking and grow it for years to come.

The skillsets needed include the ability to interact with traditional banks and financial institutions connecting to their legacy interfaces and sophisticated standards. We securely store and process sensitive data in the cloud; and have built a cutting-edge API & web-interface enabling fintechs to start building their innovative solutions right away, taking to heart “access global banking with five lines of code”


We assembled a 7-member development team that works leanly and delivers new releases of Railbank on a weekly basis, closely working with the business team in London.


Since late 2016, we built an Amazon AWS based backed system that does all the heavy-lifting around connecting to banks and associated services worldwide extending a set of APIs to Fintech startups, so from the customer’s perspective everything is simple. Every transaction and every operation is checked by the configurable Railsbank Compliance Firewall which substantially lowers the risk for both banks, emoney institutions, and startups making business banking more affordable and accessible.


The reception of Railsbank amongst the professional community has been very positive, and we've received numerous positive feedbacks on the API and its structure, however there is still a long way to go to deliver all services via the API. Since it's inception in summer 2016, Railsbank has won a number of prestigious awards such as "Fintech Top 50 2017" and "Top 5 Startup of Paris Fintech Forum"

I really love working with the Vacuumlabs team. Not only do we have super-smart engineers working on the team, but they communicate and aren’t afraid to feedback. The strong stewardship from the supporting staff, including our Product manager/sprint master has really helped move Railsbank on.

We’re super-delighted we were introduced to VacuumLabs, and I’m glad we will continue working together for sometime, building some useful, disruptive (fin)tech.

Adam McGreggor

CTO @ Railsbank