Acceptance signatures turned upside down

A certified biometric signature made on digital tablets.

Axepto cuts out the paperwork required when delivering physical contracts and associated goods via couriers. All it takes is a simple signature on the tablet for it to be completely legally binding.


Axepto needed a flexible app that could accommodate the ever-changing requirements of corporate clients.


Vacuum Labs built an Android app around webview which changes dynamically. This way the app can be modified when needed, directly from Axepto, with no reinstallation necessary on devices in the field.


Android application, System Back-end, Integration of a 3rd party signature recognition system.


Working with digital versions of legal documents not only automates the whole process, but also minimizes the amount of human errors thanks to smart data entry restrictions. This saves time and costs for corporate clients.

We are glad we delegated development to Vacuumlabs. They react flexible and effectively to our demands, yet they keep in mind scalability of our services. Our partnership is like having IT junior, senior and CTO in one supersmart person.

Matej Šesták

CEO & Co-Founder at Axepto