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About Oasis

We developed Oasis as a specialized offering to guide people through the growing field of artificial  intelligence. With this deep focus, we aim to provide each clients with customized consultations or development to grow their business.


Created by Vacuumlabs and built on our rich history, delivering innovative fintech, payments, and machine learning solutions to clients worldwide. You can read about our past projects here.

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Our approach

Perhaps you sense the boundless potential of artificial intelligence, yet the traditional ways of interacting with AI like chatbots are beginning to feel restrictive. We’re here to help guide you through this journey.


Imagine conversations flowing beyond a simple chat window.  What if complex business tasks could be completed through a carefully orchestrated sequence of actions by AI agents and human workers collaborating in a secure environment?


Our mission is to illuminate the path forward: identifying areas where AI can streamline processes and solve challenges, while always prioritizing your risk management, governance, and control with traditional code or human intervention.

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