We’re looking for iOS developers to join our talented teams in Bratislava, Košice, Prague, Brno, Budapest, or anywhere in the world remotely. If you’re enthusiastic about clean code and have a background in iOS development we welcome you to apply and learn more about our growing community. We’re currently hiring various skill levels and value a strong foundation of analytical thinking and determination to learn. In a senior position, this job will also entail leading a team of junior developers and providing feedback where necessary. Our demanding recruitment process is in place to ensure you can work with the most efficient and high quality team. Our engineers hold Masters and PhD degrees in computer science, win coding competitions, and have worked for leading tech giants.

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Typical career path

Software engineer salary range at Vacuumlabs: 1800 – 9000 € + Equity.
See the typical career path to learn what you can expect: 

Intern X

With limited programming experience, you require close supervision. You are eager to learn and don’t give up easily.


You are comfortable working with standard toolchain, research information independently, and start developing a basic taste for a good code. You develop simple features under the guidance of your more experienced colleagues.

monthly salary 1,800 EUR–2,600 EUR


You can develop most of the features independently, coach less experienced colleagues, and lead small projects occasionally.

monthly salary 3,000 EUR–3,700 EUR



You require no supervision implementing even the hard parts of the software. You routinely lead junior colleagues and actively participate in design & code reviews. You always look at the code through the optics of its business impacts and can communicate them to the customer. You proactively research new trends and prepare talks for your colleagues and the general audience. We trust you to lead teams of 3–4 people.

monthly salary 4,400 EUR–6,000 EUR

Team LeadX

You are capable of leading the biggest of projects. You think of costs, benefits, and risks of any decision, even a bad one. You discuss, design and write documentation before writing a single line of code. If a proper software architecture doesn’t pull its weight, you advocate for a ‘quick and simple’ solution.

monthly salary 6,800 EUR–9,000 EUR (through growth within the company)



1800 – 9000 € + Equity


Our community enables you to expand your knowledge and follow your personal projects to their fullest potential. 


In return for the responsibility you take on, we give you the freedom to get your work done the way that suits you.


We want your work to have a positive impact and feel meaningful. 


Whenever possible, we will share the company’s decisions, triumphs, mistakes, lessons learned, and future plans.

Benefits and Perks

If you need to pick up your kids from school or head to a doctor’s appointment that’s fine with us – we let you structure your hours around your needs. Work from home is an option if you feel it suits your workflow.

We offer quarterly compensation evaluations and provide feedback for your performance.

We’re happy to offer paid parental leave, 2 weeks off for partners with newborns, and shortened hours for new parents who wish to return to work. 
We also host family friendly events and more.

If you made it till the end, you’ve shown the dedication and patience that truly makes a great software engineer. Are you curious if Vacuumlabs is the right fit for you? Give it a try and apply now.



We put the tech in fintech.

Vacuumlabs is a digital product development firm that provides design, product development, engineering, and data science services for the fintech industry. We support clients from 8 locations in Europe, North America, and Asia. The history of our successful collaborations include companies at all stages of development – leading corporations, scaleups, and startups.

Our approach to fintech is enthusiastic and inventive. We’re discovering opportunities for collaboration with startups, scaleups, and  leading international corporations. We’re proud of our track record and our welcoming community. The things we make are possible because of the talent of our people and our dedication to their wellbeing.

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Purpose and integrity underlies everything we do.
Here’s just a few of our successful collaborations:

Our inventive


Our inventive spirit has led to a variety of exciting spin-offs. Check out some of the products we’ve launched: 

  • ReactiveConf
  • The Spot
  • Sparring
  • Trama
  • Daylight
  • Adalite
  • Rychlotest

Empowering the community

Our very first spinoff and a pillar of the community is ReactiveConf. When we saw React changing the world, we seized the opportunity to start connecting and supporting developers. Starting from a small community in Slovakia, we grew ReactiveConf into one of the top 3 IT conferences in the world.

Making space for creators

We are proud to continue our journey with The Spot. This coworking space is a bit of a legend in Slovakia - it was the first of its kind here. The Spot provided important support to the local start-up community by connecting talent and providing an accessible work space. A simple mission it continues with it’s successful relaunch in our SkyPark offices.

Sparring for entrepreneurs

Sparring sprung up when we saw a way to capitalize on our first hand experiences with legal matters in tech. We wanted to make the legal world more natural, friendly, and approachable - so we built up our own company to offer legal advice. Sparring makes a powerful ally in all legal matters concerning startups, scaleups, and entrepreneurs of all kinds.

Preserving originality

Trama was inspired by the labyrinthine process we navigated when registering trademarks for our growing portfolio of new companies. We quickly saw a need for specialist services in this field and wanted to help new brands protect their uniqueness. With Trama, clients bypass this complex bureaucracy with an experienced team that registers and protects their trademark.

Turning values into actions

Daylight is the first digital bank that directly addresses issues unique to the LGBT+ community. Based in the United States, Daylight deals with real community struggles like name change, inheritance, and mortgage. We wanted to create a bank that addresses these issues directly and brings tangible improvements to minority communities.

Creating a wallet for emerging crypto

Our very own crypto wallet - Adalite - came about organically from a genuine curiosity in the future of crypto. We took a liking to Cardano’s depth and technical diligence when compared to other blockchain ecosystems. But we still saw room for improvement and pursued a project building a web-based light wallet for Cardano. Adalite is now one of the most popular web-based Cardano wallets in the world and our most successful spinoff to date.

Supporting collective health

One of our most topical spinoff companies is Rychlotest-covid. It started as an internal project to keep our employees safe and healthy. We soon expanded these services to our friendly neighboring businesses, then to thousands of clients in over 20 testing centers, and finally to providing large-scale testing logistics for major events like Pohoda.

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